Public profiles launched on Dental Circle

Dental Circle has launched public versions of the member profiles — allowing our members to showcase and share their CVs and achievements with a wider audience.

Your introduction, experience and education — your online CV, are available to share with non Dental Circle registered professionals and the general public.  However, as always, patient confidentiality is paramount in our thinking, so clinical portfolios and other information that contains patient details remains private and only accessible to our GDC registered members.

The profiles are accessible through our new online directories of UK dental professionals, with breakdowns by professional specialism, e.g. our directory of Oral Surgeons or Dental Nurses.

Check out some of our member profiles, and see how effective your online profile can be:

Nilesh Parmar

Megan Hatfield

Neil Gerrard

Ashley Latter

Or learn more about Dev and Amit, the founders of Dental Circle.

If you haven’t updated your profile on Dental Circle yet, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

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