Next Generation Conference at the Dentistry Show

One of the stand outs of the Dentistry Show 2017, was the Next Generation Conference supported by Dental Circle. The two day programme provided a unique opportunity for young and aspiring dentists to work with some of the most renowned dental professionals practising in the UK, and develop aspects of their career that were not taught Read More

The Dental Circle Courses for 2017

Dental Circle’s ever popular one and two day dental courses for 2017 have been announced.  Learn from some of the UK’s leading dental professional whilst building your CPD portfolio. The Implant Restoration course on the 1st July is tutored by Dr Dev Patel, Director of Implant Programmes in the department of Eastman CPD, Eastman Dental Read More

Public profiles launched on Dental Circle

Dental Circle has launched public versions of the member profiles — allowing our members to showcase and share their CVs and achievements with a wider audience. Your introduction, experience and education — your online CV, are available to share with non Dental Circle registered professionals and the general public.  However, as always, patient confidentiality is Read More

Dental events calendar goes public

Dental Circle has a huge calendar of dental and dentistry related events.  We used to keep it accessible just to registered Dental Circle members, but realised the appeal of opening it to a wider audience. It’s now accessible to the non Dental Circle registered professionals and to the general public.  You can explore events by Read More

Dental Circle membership passes 6000

Dental Circle continued to grow throughout 2016, and we start 2017 with over 6000 UK Dental Professionals as registered members. We’re always looking to improve our existing features, and introduce new carefully chosen ones to help our Dental Professionals reach their full potential. We already introduced a new map based member search facility making it Read More

Building your Clinical Portfolio

We’ve always stressed the importance of your Clinical Portfolios — photographic case studies of your work.  They are your shop window to fellow Dental Professionals. A clinical portfolio allows you to keep an ongoing record of your professional development, showcase your work to colleagues and potential employers, benefit from peer review and feedback, and provide great learning material Read More

The most popular special interest groups on Dental Circle

With over 40 groups mentored by industry leading experts, Dental Circle caters for just about every special interest in Dentistry. Ever wondered which are the most popular — going into 2016, the top 10 looks like this: Adhesive Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Business Crown and Bridgework Restorative Dentistry Occlusion Tooth Whitening Non-Surgical Periodonal Therapy Photography Implant Read More

Dental Circle launches a personal approach to UK Dental Jobs

Dental Circle Jobs launched this month delivering listings for the latest jobs in UK dentistry. We felt that existing jobs site adopted too much of a scatter gun approach, and saw an opportunity to bring a much more focussed offering for both UK Dental Professionals and Dental employers. Employers benefit from knowing that their job openings are Read More

Dental Social Networking

The launch of Dental Circle was covered as The Dentist discussed the positive impact the site would have on Dental Social Networking. Ian Aguado-Bush, sales and marketing director at Milkshake Dental was first to address the attendees at Henry Schein Dental’s London Headquarters. He was there to talk about the importance of social media to the dental Read More

Dental Circle Launch

September saw the official launch of Dental Circle, our online dental specific social networking site. We’re looking forward to growing and developing with you over the coming years. You can check out our launch at Henry Schein Medical in central London: