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 Business Consultant

Krishan Joshi
Founder & CEO, Dental Focus Marketing
Co-Founder & President, Mouth Cancer Foundation

Krishan Joshi is the Founder & CEO of Dental Focus Marketing, which he established in 2001 at the London School of Economics (LSE) whilst gaining a BSc in Accounting & Finance.  The very first website design that Krishan worked on was for his father Dr Vinod Joshi’s hospital-based ‘Restorative Dentistry Oncology Clinic’ (RDOC), which would soon become hugely successful and be registered as the charity now known as the Mouth Cancer Foundation. Together as father and son they were passionate about spending days and all-nighters over the many years creating the very best website and online support group community for mouth, head and neck cancer patients.

Today, the Dental Focus Marketing agency has created over 1,000 dental websites to help thousands of dentists attract patients and grow their practices. He remembers and is still close to his very first clients and mentors Dr Manny Vasant and Dr Dipak Joshi. Krishan is based in London and leads the Global UK & Australia Dental Focus Marketing teams with his elder sister, Dr Geeta Perks, who is a dentist in Melbourne and also a Co-Founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation charity.

Krishan Joshi believes in creating more freedom for everyone, saving lives and improving the quality of life. His supporting role under his father’s leadership and later role as Trustee for the Mouth Cancer Foundation has given him a wealth of experience and unique insight into the lives of cancer patients, survivors and their carers.
At Dental Focus, we believe in creating more freedom for dentists to pursue their dreams because our story is that we come from a family background in dentistry with lots of dreams! How we create more freedom for dentists is by giving them peace of mind with compliance, creating extra time to spend with their family and friends, and generating more income for their practice, which in turn gives them more choice and freedom in life to do what they love!
Today, Krishan is still inspired by his father Dr Vinod Joshi, Consultant & Professor in Restorative Dentistry and Founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation. He also remembers his mother’s loving support, encouragement and sandwiches, which fuelled their joint passion when they forgot to eat. She still feeds them.

On the weekends and holidays, he loves spending time and having fun with his wife Lin and two young boys Lucian and Charu. They always look forward to walking as a family at the Annual 10KM Mouth Cancer Awareness Walk in Hyde Park London