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Thank Clifton It’s Friday with Allan Pirie, Ross Henderson, Mark Sorrentino & Catriona Easton

Course Content

5 Round Table discussions featuring:

1. Oral Surgery

2. Implant Restoration

3. Endodontics

4. Crown Lengthening

5. Digital Dentistry

Aims & Objectives

1. To improve GDPs diagnostic and assessment skills with Minor Oral Surgery procedures

2. To introduce the Acuris™ and ASA restorative protocols to GDPs who restore / would like to restore implants

3. To provide hints and tips to GDPs with challenging endodontics

4. To help GDPs understand the rationale and technique for crown lengthening

5. To introduce GDPs to the digital workflow in relation to dental implant restoration


Radisson Blu
301 Argyle Street
Glasgow, Glasgow G2 8DL United Kingdom
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